Throughout your time in the Multiverse, you will encounter several characters (run by staff) that help guide the story along. Think of these characters as NPC’s, in the grand scheme of things, like one would in a tabletop RPG. These characters usually appear in leadership roles, scientists, generals, and other higher capacity roles, or may possess strange powers and abilities outside of the norm.

Do not let this detract from the fact that YOU are the important character in the game, as well! Each character in the Multiverse, no matter their background, is a ripple in the fabric of time and space, contributing big and small. Leadership roles can, and often do, eventually lend themselves to various player characters as well! Working hard on your story, utilizing the NPC’s (whether they be staff controlled major NPCS or pre-made minor characters controlled by other fellow players), and dedication can yield untold results!

Click on list below, or from the dropdown, to learn more about our various NPCS and their roles in the ‘verse!