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Multiverse Designation: 1

Combat Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

Fishing: Yes

Mining: Yes

Planet Type: Earth-like

Satellites: 1 Moon, 1 Sun

Cycle: 24 earth hours.

Notable Locations:
Revnas Landing – A village embraced by the surrounding mountains and cliffs.
Wulfson Village – A village metropolis and hub for traders and adventurers.
Fjell Highland – The Mountains of Revnas Landing; a place of secrets and mystery.

Known Inhabitants:
None known.

History: Revnas Landing is forbidding and dangerous, the way it emerges from its drape of fog like the dark spread of a wing. Curved, treeless, snowy mountains crowd the majority of the land, plunging into sudden cliffs where they meet the surf of the angry cold ocean. A landmass that seems surrounded by endless ocean swallowed by the nowhere. A few sheltered bays and beaches on the southern side of the northern landmass which embraces the viking-style villages that spread across and snugly nestle against the base of the towering cliffs. The trees that do grow on this land are all at sea level. The land is beset by bears, elk, arctic foxes, wolves with a few birds and smaller game for hunting.