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Not sure who to ask for what? Or unsure what kind of staffer you need? Here are a few outlines of each role for staff and what they deal with.

1. Host – The Host is the Lead Staff and oversees all Staff related matters, plots, layouts, objects, etc. and actively participates in creating all game content.

2. Plotters – Plotters oversee, write, compose, create and organize all plotlines, from big overarching plots to small mini-plots. Big plots are usually months or even years in the making, while small mini plots can last anywhere from a single day to a week or two. If you have an idea for a plot, you will assist the attention of the Plotters. Or, if you in the midst of a plot and your character is trying x, y and z – you can @assist, “PLOT IDEA” and work with a plotter to see if what your character is trying, is feasible. Also, if your character feels ‘stuck’, working with a Plotter to game plan or come up with ideas is also what a Plotter can assist with.

3. Guides – Story Guides are the backbone of our Customer Service, they are here to handle player complaints, player uncertainties, player issues, etc. in relation to interactions that happen ICly or OOCly. @assist “ATTN GUIDES” and we’ll be sure to attend to your situation in a timely manner. Be sure to be ready to provide logs of incidents and know that all parties involved may be asked to discuss from their perspective. All Guides are chosen because they are impartial and will listen to all sides and help provide solutions. Guides are here to look at situations objectively and to ensure that rules are being followed and that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

4. Builders – The role of the builders is to create our extensive and interactive world. If you have ideas on items or places you would like to see, you may @idea to the attention of the Builders and they will work with you on your ideas.

5. Coders- Coders are rare and extremely valuable, they tend to be the most quiet and unrecognized of staff, but they have one of the most important roles. They fix what we break, they code all the new and cool things to work properly. If you have coding experience, let us know! We are always looking for knowledgeable coders.