Free – Free accounts allow one character slot.
Basic – Basic allows three character slots and costs $4.99 a month.
Premium – Premium allows five character slots. Premium accounts also are given 50 story-points each month of premium service.

Story Points – These are earned when a player engages in Role Play, involves themselves in plots and daily activities, and generally contribute to the life of the game. Other ways to earn Story Points is through the Premium Service.

There are two supported clients which we use while logged into a character. Orchil and Merciful, though we recommend the latter and recommended that you use Chrome.

To utilize Merciful, click the link above and download. Once you have downloaded the Client and if you are using Chrome, look for the puzzle icon to the right of the address bar. There you will find the link to Merciful. It is recommended that you download Merciful Client only after you have created an account.

If you have any issues, you may email support.