An icy realm, locked into an ever-present daylight.

Multiverse Designation: 1301

Combat Difficulty: None

Fishing: Yes, in designated spots

Mining: Yes, in designated spots

Planet Type: Icy, rock-like planet

Satellites: Unknown

Cycle: None – Daylight is ever-present in this world, though it remains icy. The temperature is not impossibly cold, despite its appearance.

Notable Locations:
Crystal Caves
Sunlight Bridge
Unknown City – No name or location has been discovered, but mention of it’s existence has been made.

Known Inhabitants:
Sorceress Yuno – Alien creature of energy, taking the form of a slender, purple woman of alien features. Current status is labeled as Deceased.

History: A mysterious world in an even more mysterious universe, Kori is an icy and barren planet existing on a third dimensional space in the fifth dimension. As such, it is host to strange phenomenon and beings that to the untrained eye would be viewed as magic.