Multiverse Designation: Unknown

Combat Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Fishing: Yes

Mining: Yes

Forestry: Yes

Hunting: Yes

Foraging/Scavenging: Yes

Planet Type: Earth-like, with a single sun and moon.

Satellites: 2 Moons.

Cycle: 24 Earth Hours

Notable Locations:

  • Inari City – The Capital of Aoko.
  • Kogai Village – The oldest known village on the planet.
  • Forest of Tamashi – The proving grounds for all warriors.
  • Kakureta Village – Unknown

Known Inhabitants:
None – This planet was discovered to be abandoned. Your Avatar, along with others, are the new inhabitants of the planet.


Aoko and its people were nearly wiped-out thousands of years ago by an aggressive and violent species known as the Kii, but the warriors were strong and managed to fight back against their enemies. The first of these warriors was of the noble line and whose descendants carried on the tradition of protecting planets and peoples threatened by dangerous forces within and outside. One such descendant, in order to protect the interest of Aoko, her home, is Lady Niko who joined the Order of Proxima to defend her world, and others like it.