The year is unknown…

The Multiverse

Stories line the walls of every hall in every iteration of Earth, heroes born of mud and fire, who in all their magnificent hubris declared themselves gods. Creation, the domain of chemistry, biology, sciences taking the place of psalms, technology was the new fire. And man raised his ignorant hammer, and forged new beings. However, even as they marveled at their divinity, they already felt an in-born mistrust for that which they had made. Man had begun, coagulating, pooling up until it drug itself from nothingness and into existence.

Their struggle surely made them more capable of deciding what these new beings would become. Because how can you ever really trust a clone…. Time passed like water down a storm drain, the creations began to wonder why they were ever even created. Their creators were certain to instill fear in them. Fear of change. Fear of deviation. And one by one they withdrew; Into their hollowed concrete domiciles. Until so few remained that the project itself began to falter. The arrival of a mysterious girl harkened the beginning of what would become a revolution. Banding together, Soldier, Scientist, Colonist, family, they find themselves arriving at the end of their oppression, with only a few moments to comfort themselves, before once more facing peril.

Now, hunted by pan dimensional beings bent on assimilating their technology, they prepare a ship, steadily striding toward their futures, ready to begin what would be a long, and epic adventure.

Finding a new home. Facing Old enemies. Making new Allies

Ending…the Kii.