The year is unknown…

You awake with little knowledge of the world around you, but quickly learn that you aren’t alone in the universe. In fact, you aren’t alone in multiple universes.

Multiverse; Revelations is a science fiction, text-based, story-driven game set in a realm of endless possibilities. With untold numbers of multiple realities, and technology to reach them, you can find yourself shooting down mutant frogs in a forest with your favorite blaster rifle, keeping your friends alive with medical technology almost as instant as your own actions, or debating ethics with an alien species beyond your wildest imaginations.

Party with friends in a Utopian, twin-sunned paradise, after a long day of scouring the desert for mega-sized scorpions. Brave the chilling cold of an endless icy world controlled by ethereal alien beings. Beware the dark void of the shadowverse and its encroaching threat to the Multiverse. Or scavenge through ruins of an ancient barren Earth and its dilapidated colony.

M;R offers an open-ended, vast style of gameplay. Our staff will gladly assist you with stories, providing a background of rich lore for your new character to begin. Start as a citizen and contribute in your own way, go hunting with your friends, or simply shoot the breeze in front of a calming ocean or a scenic park!

Be sure to check out the lore and worlds sections of the site for more information! Happy gaming!

~Lead, and Head Narrator for Story,