The Multiverse: Revelations (MultiRev) is an immersive Role-Playing text-based game which spans across several planets, timelines, and galaxies. The game is a compilation of adventure, exploration, mystery, intrigue, daily life, survival, and skills. Tell your story through your avatar and become a part of the history of Multiverse: Revelations.


In the dark expanse of the universe, He traveled and searched until He chose a lone wonderous planet and named it the ‘Beginning’, as it would be the cradle of all life. He desired to create intelligent life on the planet, to share in its beauty and wonder. And so, He did.

He created an incredible range of species to inhabit the planet, but one species He favored the most, Man. Man, unlike the other species, exhibited a thoughtful intelligence and thirst for knowledge.

It was because of Man’s desire for knowledge that He created and chose the Twelve, known as the Founders; these Twelve were gifted unique abilities, knowledge, skills, traits, and attributes. He charged the Twelve to pass on their gifts and in addition, to teach Man all that was good and useful: architecture, agriculture, academics, order, governance, morals, art, etc.

However, He became displeased with Man, for despite the guidance of the Twelve, Man remained rebellious and prone to violent animalistic tendencies. He divided Man, and infused them with the life essence of each of the Twelve, creating an evolution of Man, who in turn took on the physical attributes and characteristics of their Founder. And it was good.

He passed unto the Founders the Law of Man, and for the Twelve alone he gave them the Law of Founders. He created twelve worlds upon which each tribe and group of people, along with their Founder, would be assigned to dwell and grow. And they did.

He promised to return in 24,000 years and would bring the Twelve home, should they have followed His instructions and the Laws He had given. However…

In the 13,000th year. It all went wrong… The Twelve are long forgotten. The Law of Man perverted, and the Law of Founders, lost to time.

It has been ten thousand years since the great cataclysm.


Two millennia have passed since the mass exodus from Earth upon great ark ships which spread out across the galaxy to settle new worlds, explore space, and conquer the unknown. The precious cargo: humans, animals, seeds, etc all locked in a preserved state known as cryostasis. As the years progressed, the great ark ships lost contact with each other, the names of the other arks were lost to time, and the purpose of each ship almost forgotten.


Decrepit and on her last engine, the Ark Ship Delta struggled to reach the newly discovered and uninhabited planet. The passengers, asleep in their cryo-pods were transported to the island just before Delta crashed into the ocean, killing all crew left aboard. Those who were able to escape came together and called their new home, “Eden”.


You find yourself on the Island of Eden, newly awoken from your cryo-sleep, to a beautiful world that is ready and waiting to share her secrets with you. What will you discover? What mysteries will you solve? Who will you become?