To help you learn how to get around Multiverse: Revelations and its various worlds and locations, we have created a set of help files that you may access while in character or in game and to use at your own pace. In order to read a help file, just type, HELP [TOPIC]. Remember you must do this while logged into your character, within the game.

Some of the first topics you may wish to become familiar with are: communication, emotion, manipulation, movement, roleplaying, theme, and fun. There are many other help files that will allow you to better understand the mechanics of Multiverse: Revelations (also known as MultiRev), but the listed files cover the basics and are among the most useful for novices.

The first thing you will need to know is the difference between In Character (IC) and Out of Character (OOC).

In Character (IC) references your AVATAR and other AVATARS. There are In Character (IC) chatlines called ‘COMS’. To utilize the COMS type: com on.

Out of Character (OOC) references you, the PLAYER and other PLAYERS. There are Out of Character (OOC) chatlines called ‘CHAT’. To utilize the CHAT type: @chat on. Another useful OOC command is @ooc, which is used when your Avatar is in the same room as another player’s Avatar, and you want to collaborate player to player.

In Character (IC) forms of communication are through face-to-face RP with another character using the following command examples:

  • speak to John, “Greetings, how are you?”
  • irritatedly glance at Jane, “Shut your trap or I’ll shut it for you!”

The Parser requires actions/adjectives followed by quotation marks prior to the comment your character wishes to utter.

Another form of In Character communication are COMS. To utilize, type: com on. This will allow your character’s neurolink turn on and you’ll be able to speak with other characters telepathically. Isn’t technology AMAZING?!