The broken moon of a once beautiful planet.

Multiverse Designation: 512

Planet Type: Barren, previously Earth-like

Satellites: 1, Moon: Luna Destrui

Cycle: 24 Earth Hours

Notable Locations:
Delta Colony – Dilapidated and mostly abandoned former research colony. Populated by scientists and cybernetic metahumans (Cyborgs). Once rediscovered by citizens of Alpha Colony, several other humans were resurrected from cryogenic freezing to take up residence once more.
Trash City – Underground colony of a race of creatures called the Blattarian

Known Inhabitants:
Sally Druthers – Time traveler and physicist
Rosie – Human girl, surviving a lengthy cryofreeze
Violet Jones – Human Biologist and Doctor, surviving a lengthy cryofreeze
Lieutenant Aeros Pin-Royce – Human Soldier, surviving a lengthy cryofreeze
Mirasaki – Human Soldier, surviving a lengthy cryofreeze
Kaliope – Blattarian artist
Atlas – Blattarian
Henry – Blattarian

History: Planet Omega was once the original homeworld of humanity, Earth. Almost a years ago, a mission to Luna went horribly wrong, resulting in the massive destruction and damage to its core. Throughout the following century, colonies were erected throughout the world as the Earth’s atmosphere began to erode and dissolve, leaving behind a barren, lifeless world. In time, humans would send expeditions to a new Earth in the distant Andromeda galaxy, and renamed the planet they once belonged to: Omega, a biblical metaphor to “The End”.