Multiverse: Revelations

Multiverse Revelations is an immersive role playing game where you as the player creates a personalized Avatar that places you in a consistently changing environment which takes place on multiple worlds in the vastness of space. Danger. Adventure. Politics. Intrigue. These are some of the nuances and experiences you will face as you fight to survive in the Multiverse: Revelations Universe.

The History

Two millennia have passed since the mass exodus from Earth upon great ark ships which spread out across the galaxy to settle new worlds, explore space, and conquer the unknown. The precious cargo: humans, animals, seeds, etc all locked in a preserved state known as cryostasis. As the years progressed, the great ark ships lost contact with each other, the names of the other arks were lost to time, and the purpose of each ship almost forgotten.

Present Day

You find yourself upon the newly discovered, yet very old planet, named ‘Eden’ which is mysteriously devoid of all human life; and upon which a small group of people from the decrepit ark ship Delta had escaped to lay claim to their new home.

The future for you is unknown. Will you go along for ride? or will you forge your own path upon the newly found planet, and the rest of the unknown universe?