Planet Helios, with its singular moon, Luna.

Multiverse Designation: 512

Combat Difficulty: Medium – Hard, depending on location.

Fishing: Yes

Mining: Yes

Planet type: Partially terraformed planet located second from its host star. Contains hostile red-tinted gas on much of its biosphere, save for a small, locally terraformed area surrounding Alpha Colony.

Satellites: 1 moon: Luna. Tidal locked

Cycle: 24 Earth hours. (Time is equal to -7:00 UTC)

Notable locations:
Alpha Colony: Primary Races; Human and Metahuman (new metahuman players will begin here)
Gamma Colony: Abandoned and unreachable.
The Green: Artificial forestry with wildlife and caves. Exposed to terraformed air, creating a fully functional biome. May be hazardous to new citizens.
The Dome Mall: Massive shopping center for most of the Society of Allied Colonies

Known Inhabitants:
YOU! (The player starts here)
Overseer Sally Anselm – Overseer of the Society of Allied Colonies
Doctor Ethan Brennan – Head Administrator of Government and in charge of Alpha Colony
General Azura – Head of Security and Armed Forces
Professor Victoria Rebel – Head of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
Doctor Ariel Delaria – Head of Practical Sciences: Biological Mutations, and Robotics
Evalyn Dowers – Head of Arts and Culture (also specializes in beauty and cosmetics)
Jack “Kryble” Ryble – Head of Maintenance and Repair

History: Alpha colony was the first colony of its kind to utilize the growth of artificial humans, known as metahumans. (The player character is one of these). Originally deemed an experiment for the pursuit of eternal life, it has grown into a bustling community of independent growth and the head of the new Society of Allied Colonies.