Planet Aram: Constantly threatened by a swirling, creeping void.

Multiverse Designation: 0

Combat Difficulty: Very Hard (Currently unreleased – COMING SOON!)

Fishing: Unknown

Mining: Unknown

Planet Type: Barren, previously Earth-like world.

Satellites: Unknown

Cycle: Unknown

Notable Locations:
Loft City – Further information unknown.

Known Inhabitants:
Alexandra Verses – Traveler from Multiverse 313, Engineer

History: Very little is known about both Universe 0 or its only historically documented world, Aram, save for the fact that the planet was once very much like Earth, before the arrival of the Darkness. Some call this universe the Negaverse, the Void, or the Shadow Realm. Aram has all but been overrun by dangerous, shadowy creatures bent on destroying everything in its path, while the encroaching Darkness threatens to pass through this Universe, and into any other Multiverses it can.